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freri 2 trawl middle piece for Örfirisey Re4

freri Chinese visitors


skata2003 Trawl door model

skata2003 Vísindaferð í Hleragerðina


skata2003 Skatewing-buffet 2009


skata2003 Skatewing-buffet 2008

skata2003 Guests in Hleragerdin

skata2003 Skatewing-buffet 2004

skata2003 Offering Skatewings 2003

freri Working in Frera 2007

12. april 2010

Changes made on the web

3. october 2008

pdf files of Jupiter, Jupiter HW and Neptunus sizes available inserted.

29. september 2008

Few changes made on the web.

21. september 2008

Our new web is ready. We will put new news here as they happen.